Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Puppy Names and Naming Fetish :D

This is going to be my first post.I will soon post an introduction and elaborate
why i chose this name for my blog.

Ok Let me begin,My current obsession are dogs :D

A friend of mine has a doggess(doggess is a she dog .Its an actual word i didn't coin it.I refuse to use the other term for a she dog because evolution of language has given it several meanings over the years.It has almost become a derogatory word.And i feel such a term should not be used for an animal as cute as her) named Jenny and she is the most adorable thing ever.She is a Papillon (i think).Whenever i go to my friends house i look around  for her.She never barks at me (come to think of it i have never heard her bark :-o)she allows me to pat her,and tries to lick me too . :D
She is the most docile dog i have ever seen. Although this makes her practically useless as a guard dog.Agar usko thoda sa hadkao toh she starts cowering  and flinches :P . She is afraid of other neighbourhood dogs too.Even earlier i liked dogs but from a distance only.I never had the courage to go near one and pat it.The fear was mainly the outcome of being nearly chased and bitten by a Pomeranian in my tiny tot days.I still have a strong aversion for Pomeranian .I feel they are noisy, irritating and bark too much :-/

However my recent obsession is all thanks to Jenny.So when the other day another friend( i will refer to her as Lucky Chick henceforth.Lucky because she is getting a puppy and chick because she is one :P)  of mine told me that she is going to get a pup i was euphoric :D . I was adamant that she get a she pup.Her uncle's Labrador  was having puppies and he was going to give her one.I immediately started suggesting names also.I have a fetish for naming everything you see.I suggested Zoey but she didn't like the name much.So i told her i will come up with some more names later.Lucky Chick then told me her college friend has a dog whom he has named Babu Bhai. :P She said so with a wrinkled up nose to show her distaste for the name and it was also a silent warning for me not to come up with something as wacky as that.I on the other hand thought that the name was a stroke of genius.It got me thinking that we need not give firangi names to our pets.
Later when i was online the other day i had a discussion abt Puppy names with a another mutual friend(whom i will refer to as Lukhi. Err.... because she is one of course and a cousin (whom i will refer to us Hapless cousin because i bug him in chats every night and he has no other option but to listen to the loquacious me. :P)
A part of the chat i have reproduced here. U will notice an excessive mention of "Shaadi" in it .It's all because of the influence of a  new friend of mine who is obsessed with bubblegum romance and is in her own words "Mujhe Shaadi karni hai" types.In the chats I have given my own comments and insights in brackets.

Take One
me: pata pata Lucky Chick might be getting a pup :D :D
Lukhi: yaaaaaaa?????
  which breed?
 me: labrador
 Lukhi: oooooohhhh
 me: i told her to pick out a she pup
  we will name her

Lukhi : done
  u hav a deal
 me: :D
  naam socho
 Lukhi: aaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
me: zoey :D
( I always wanted two guinea pigs as pets and had decided to name them Zoey and Joey but alas the wish still remanis unfulfilled.Time and again i have asked some of my friends to gift me one but they are all to scared of my mummy i guess. :( )
 Lukhi: naaaaaaaaaaaaa
 me: oh :(
Lukhi: arey........dont lose sure u can cum up with better names
 me: haan will think
  how abt indian names
  phoolan ?
 Lukhi: champa
 me: ekdum :D
  Lucky Chick  ko will inform
 Lukhi: yo
  do that soon

Next Day

me: i finalised on a name fr a he pup
 Lukhi: bolo
  why a he...but
 me: Hiccup
  and if she Buttercup
 Lukhi: naam hai yeh/...........???
 me: :D haan!!!!
 Lukhi: i like hiccup
 me: me too!!!!
 Lukhi: its sooooooooooo damn cute
  but i doubt Lucky Chick will agree to it
 me: koi nai tum doggie logi na toh name him hiccup
 Lukhi: :D
 me: ya phir hum hi le lete hai
 Lukhi: but its awesome all the same
 me: :P
 Lukhi: ok done
 me: :D
 Lukhi: theek hai le lo
 me: ruko mera shaddi hone do
  is ghar mein mummy nai allow karegi
 Lukhi: matlab??????/
  wt if ur husband doesn't allow
 phir kya karogi
me: will kick him out and stay with the doggie
 Lukhi: okies
  tum mast ho gayi ho
  i lub u
 me: :*
Lukhi:   chopi.....apne hubby ko kick out karke doggie ke saath rahogi
 me: aur kya :D im sure he will be more loyal and loving
 Lukhi: waise guys like i don't think that u'll face a problem
  good good
  im so proud of u
 me: what if he turns out to be a cat person or allergic to dog hair
  Lukhi: achha suno bakwaas khatam
  meri roomie ko ol jaana hai
  toh she needs the lan cable
 me: okay
 Lukhi: tatatatas
 me: aur hum bakwas nai kar rahe the
((what has one got to do to be taken seriously? :-o )
 Lukhi:   bbye
  achha par main toh bakwaas kar rahi thi
 me: ok
  jao jao
 Lukhi: aur tum encourage kar rahi thi...kindof
 me: :D
 Lukhi: bbye

Take two

me: :P
 pata hai?
  jaiye mat reply kijeye
 Hapless cousin: are nhii
matlab bolo
me: hehe
  haan meri friend na puppy lene wali hai
  i told her to take a she pup
 Hapless cousin: ha ha
  chee chee
 me: kya chee?
Hapless cousin: koi kaam nhii
 me: aree pata i thought of a name also
  but she didnt like it
 Hapless cousin: sahi baat hai
  kabhi bhi sahi pronounce nhi kar payegaa koi
 me: so me and another friend decided to try indian names
  i suggested chameli
 Hapless cousin: Devi
 me: eeewww :P
  me and friend decided on champa :D
  bas ab usko batana hai
 Hapless cousin: ehh hee
 me: ab she is going to be champa fr me
  but if she wants a firangi name then buttercup :D
  nai toh agar he pup hoga toh Hiccup :D :D
  cool no?
 Hapless cousin: ha ha
 me: agar woh nai rakhi yeh naam hiccup toh hum khud ke doggie ka naam hiccup rakhenge
  lekin phele rukiye mera shaadi hone dijeye
Hapless cousin: kyun
  nhii.. hum tumhare liyee Hicupp nhi dhoondengee
me: aree nai mummy yeh ghar mein toh kutta nai lane degi isliye
 Hapless cousin: ha ah
  mujhe laga apne pati ko doggy type rakhogee
 me: hawwwwww :P
hawwwwwwwwwwwwwww :P
 Hapless cousin: hicupp.. plz make a coffee 4 mee
  bada matching lag raha hai
 :P :P
 Hapless cousin: hicupp.. goo n make d dinner
 me: nai nai  :D

So everything has been decided.Only Lucky Chick remains to be informed. :P I am eagerly waiting for Champa/Buttercup/Hiccup's arrival in our lives :D


  1. Lol.Phoolan? Hiccup? DEVI??!!! Hahahahaha. And to think of it, you're just naming a dog/gess! :P I wonder what would happen when you graduate to your babies! :D Nice work. Direct dil se! Keep writing please. I really need to know what that poor animal (God save her/him!) ultimately gets christened as!:)

  2. i didn't knw possum u wer so much into having guinea pigs as pets!!
    remember we had some f dem near that staircase in the primary block...i wonder if they r still der.
    waise buttercup is a very cute name...but im dying to knw hw 'Lucky' reacts wen she cumes to knw that u wer planning to name her pet Chameli...Champa...Devi!!!hats off to u guys!!
    aaa....this does make me realise...'that i would NEVER LET U NAME MY KIDS!'

  3. I love this piece you've written! Awesome! And as I said yesterday, I love Hiccup and Buttercup..though Hiccup is much cuter....I seriously wonder what you will name your kids! Sheesh! But it will be fun. And yes, for us, Lucky Chicks's dog will be "Champa" :P

  4. I"d really like to know who is being portrayed as "lukhi" in Take 1 of ur piece...;)...;D......btw i like the term doggess...and needless to say that i love what u"ve written...:)

  5. @ Swati : Dont u worry abt my babies.I am already on the lookout for names :D :D

    @Divi : I remember those guinea pigs school wala :D Remember we could also feed them grass? I did that often they used to come and nibble at the grass in my hand :D
    And u will nt deprive me of the pleasure of naming ur kids!! i will be their most rocking aunt u will see :D

    @luvmusic : Yes she will be champa fr us.See we will give her a pet name (like Indian parents give ) and a school ka name so that Champa is nt embarrassed in front her other doggie friends :P

    @Tarannum:Who is being portrayed as lukhi? well thats a secret!! :P Shhh!! :P


    cool start :D ...not really do(d)gy it was :P
    update more :-w

  7. interestin!!...very very NICE!:)
    i wish i cud write like this!!.. i have jus lost the knack for writing! :(

  8. Rusha : start u r blog :D
    I will read fr sure "D