Sunday, August 22, 2010

Great Indian Love Marriage :D

Yesterday I attended the wedding of  the sister of our family friend.Mum told me it was going to be held with arya samajic rituals and all which meant it would be held in the morning and the reception would be at night.Which also meant no Baraat and Nach gana  .No Baraat :O I was of my favorite passtime in weddings is to watch the bridegroom's friends and family dancing funnily in the Baraat.And baraat dance also happens to be the only dance I'm good at :D .I have two left feet u see :(
"Whats a wedding without Baraat? "I  muttered to my Mum.
She also informed me the girl was having a love marriage with a boy of a different caste.At this i jumped and said "Wohoo!!  Way to go didi" . My Mum threw me a irritated look.She has given me numerous lectures on pros and cons of love marriage(specially inter caste ones) No make that only cons .She is dead against it  :(
Though i have radically different views.I feel caste is such a outmoded concept  I am a believer of bubblegum romance and then a fairy tale wedding :D.Hope Mum doesn't read this otherwise I will again get a free lecture :P

We arrived at the venue all decked up  at around 11 a.m.I was highly sleepy having gone to bed late the previous night.I was watching the wedding rituals in progress and yawning from time to time.My Mum nudged me and said "Hey that guy is good looking na?" I turned around to gape at her and shrieked "Mum !! Whats up with u? U are checking out Guys.Wait I am going to tell papa what u are upto"!
"Hatt, she said slapping me on the wrist. "I was checking out for u.Now take a look." I grinned broadly and turned around to look.
"Naah." I said. "Decent hai but not good".
"I have to be on look out now na.I have to get u married soon no.", she said.I rolled my eyes and said "Mum not for another five years ".At that she giggled and said mischievously , "Of course but we can always be on lookout."
"Hey Mum What about that one "? I asked pointing to a dude with a goatee and in blue kurta
"I thought u were going to point out that bloke.Nope not good", she said .If such a guy asks fr your hand in marriage i will reject outright.'she finished. and I giggled.
For next hour we discussed and scrutinized the Saree's and suits of the guests and debated on whether the flowers used to decorate the Mandap were artificial or real.
"Mum I am hungry" I wailed after sometime.
"I told u to have more pancakes for breakfast.Why did u have only one?" she chided.
"Not my fault u forgot to put salt in it."I shot back

We had lunch and went back home.We had to come back later in the night for the reception.As soon as i got out of the car in front of the reception hall I heard the sound of dhol and nagada coming from inside.Turns out the bridegroom's friends deprived of the opportunity to dance in their friends baraat had brought the dhol people.Friends I tell u :D When we entered the hall they were all dancing and making the groom and bride dance too.I got to watch the funny steps they were doing and felt like breaking into a jig too.But i controlled myself.

Party was nice and lively.I chatted up a friend of mine she told me that aunties were talking that the girl should not have gone fr a love marriage as the bridegroom's parents had not accepted her.And also that nobody had come for the marriage frm the bridegroom's side except his brother and his friends.I was shocked at this piece of news."What are they(bridegroom's parents) creating such a fuss for?He is marrying a girl only na? So what if she is from another community? That should be the least of their worries.There are graver issues now like guys ending up marrying guys ."I replied angrily and my friend sniggered.

That night I went home pondering that its high time people change there mentality  regarding inter community marriages.Hmph :|


  1. conclusion : ur mom is cool :)

  2. I love aunty and her pancakes.... :P

  3. So, hey, its the second time m visiting this page and thought i might as well mention that you write really engaging stuff.
    I like the breezy, fun-element your page sparks of. You've got one dedicated reader for sure from this post on! :)

  4. @Peter : NO my mum is uber cool :D
    @Neha : But they dont taste good without salt trust me :(
    @Prianca : Thank u so much :D

  5. Hehe :P Aunty bhi naa :P
    and u worry so much :O
    *gives hi5 to ur mom*
    ur such a nun...aunty and i should chat more...chal im blocking u from chat now...
    but waise i liked that bubblegum romance wala line :D fairytale and all..sigh! i know i know :'(