Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Great Indian Arranged Marraige

This event  happened  sometime in April.Its the rituals which happen in the Great Indian Arrange Marriage but this one describes the plight of a boy.Times they are changing!! :D

The morning began with hustle and bustle of activity in my house. My cousin an MBBS was staying with us and the previous day we had been informed that an interested party (read parents of wannabe bride) wanted to meet him and would come to our place today evening. Ahem! My cousin an eligible bachelor was of the opinion that it would be his parents who would have to go girl hunting and he wouldn’t have to face what girls face when would be in laws come to your place and stare at you as if they are looking at an interesting creature in the zoo.
I for one saw this an excellent opportunity to pull his leg .You see I wanted to take some revenge for all the torture he had put me through (read “Simba your are very lazy”, “Simba you have no girl like qualities, Simba its high time you learn cooking”, “Simba you should help your mother more with household chores” and on and on he went with the incessant nagging) throughout the one month he stayed with us.
After breakfast Mum entered my the room with a solemn face and said “Simba we are having guests over,I want to you to serve tea and snacks ,and please don’t drop anything “,she implored. She added the last sentence because I am quite notorious for my clumsiness in such matters. Just then my cousin entered the room and I looked at him impishly and said “Mum why don’t You make Bhaiya serve. Let the ladkiwalas also see that Bhaiya is sarvagunsampan .” Then I chuckled at my own joke and mummy started laughing hysterically .My cousin threw me a nasty look at this point and said ruefully that he thought he would get the opportunity to go bride hunting but now it looks like he would also have to give interviews.

Throughout the day my mother kept giving me odd jobs to do like changing the sofa covers and bed sheets and all while my cousin was lazing around and net surfing. I barged into his room and said ,”It’s not fair that I go around making the house tidy for your wannabe in-laws while you sit cosily"(Feminist hu na :D)He should help around too. He got up grudgingly and did small jobs around the house.

Throughout the day I never missed an opportunity to pull his leg and I must say I quite enjoyed it. In the afternoon our taps suddenly ran dry. Papa called the watchman and instructed him to start the motor so that water could be pumped into our water tank. “And be quick” my cousin added. Hearing this I sprang up and said “Bhaiya why are you so worried? Is it because it would make a bad impression in front of your wannabe in –laws if there is no water." He threw me a  dirty look and I grinned broadly. Later in the afternoon my cousin was putting aloevera gel (aloevera gel has cleansing properties btw)on his face, which he usually does, but of course the impish me grabbed this opportunity to sneak behind his back and shout “Look mum! A girl wouldn’t take so much pain and efforts as much Bhaiya is taking ".This time I got my ears pulled .
In the evening I saw my cousin coming to my room but then he stopped at the doorway and started scurrying away. I jumped off my bed and called out to him. He said he came to my room to ask me which shirt should he wear but then he changed his mind lest this gives me another opportunity to take a dig at him. Ha! Looks like I have scared him.
Evening approached. Everyone in the house was ready to welcome the guests. We heard a car screeching to a halt nearby.”Are they here”, the wannabe groom asked. To which I said mischievously “Relax Bhaiya! Dont get so excited, It‘s not them”. They finally came .Greeting were exchanged and conversation flowed easily between my parents and them. The wannabe bride’s parents handed over the bio data and her photo to my mother who showed it to me. I took it and went hopping and skpipping to my brothers’ room were the wannabe groom and my brother were chatting. I waved the bio data and the photo infront of his face. Then I read out the bio data to him and showed him the photo .He listened to it all with a a sombre expression on his face.” So?” I asked giggling “So what? “He asked.”Aree kaisi lagi bhabhi” I asked now laughing hysterically.”Umm..She is nice” he replied and his mouth then twitched into a smile. “I like her” I declared after scrutinizing the photo and bio data and “If you don’t marry her I will get her married to Z bhaiya(another eligible bachelor cousin of mine)” I said teasingly. “Wait” I said. ”I’ll go check her out on facebook”, the facebook addict in me said. I tried to track her but looked like she wasn’t a member. “Looks like your would- be is not tech savvy....who does not own a facebook profile these days “I said quite shocked.”Hey its nothing like that” my cousin said “I myself joined it a month back” he said defending her.”Hey whats this? You are defending her already?”I said mischievously. The wanna- be groom threw up his hand in exasperation and I gave a devilish chuckle. He bribed with me with a Cadbury Bournville if i stopped it but i was surprised at myself for refusing the offer.You see i was having far too much fun doing this.

All in all the day ended nicely. This is just the beginning lets see how it turns out whether this particular girl is going to be my future Bhabhi. Lets wait and watch and wait for things to unfold.Till then i will enjoy the Great Indian Arranged Marriage. :D


  1. :D
    Me also in waiting list ok :-w
    Go Simba.. :D u imp che :P

  2. @Mads :Yes yes I m considering u for both of them :D .

  3. @damn - Yahaan bhi u r in waiting list? :O
    @simba - The post reminded me of a sooraj barjatya movie he is getting married to her isnt he? But I didnt understand all that bio data thingy....xplain

  4. One of the funniest posts in sumtym :D :D :D
    awesome :)
    actually like a sooraj barjatya movie set except the rona-dhona, songs :P
    wen u going groom hunting??
    address bheju?? :P

  5. @ Aw.S.M : Arey the the bride;s parents give u her photo and bio- data na ? :D Bio data mentions her educational qualification family background job and stuff.So i took it to my cousin and quizzed him on it.simple :D

    @Tuhin : Not any time soon :P :P

  6. hmm... okk...
    wud give new address den :P