Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This and That: A new life and a little bit of the old

So today I just sort of perambulated into by blog. Thought I would just  write a few updates about what’s up in my insignificant life. I am back home after spending a semester in Mumbai for my Masters. And since the very day I was back I have been driving my mother nuts. My mum got a mini heart attack on seeing my luggage.

“You just got 5 set of clothes for your holidays?” She looked at me incredulously.

“Ya”, I grinned broadly.

“And what do u suppose young lady you are going to wear during Durga puja?”

I shrugged merrily.

And she took me shopping the same day. I think her ulterior motive was that she didn’t want me looking shabby in front of the bong babes. I am not complaining.

The next day during lunch. I suddenly said, “Hey mum, I was thinking I will try beef next semester”

“You do that and no Hindu boy will marry you”, she said wagging her finger at me.

“Then I shan’t marry a Hindu boy then”, I teased grinning broadly.

“Do what you wish”, she sniffed.

     Also back home there was a surprise waiting for me. This mongrel which has made our area its home had had wonderful furry and plump looking pups. I had a nice time petting them and chasing them around and occasionally shooing them away from the road because I remember being heartbroken the last time she had pups and one of them got run over by a car on that road.

Speaking of which, in my college there is a pampered cat of whom I have become rather fond. This cat whom I have christened Marx rules the college canteen. One day it climbed up the table on which I was having my breakfast. It took a royal walk as it surveyed the occupants, stopped in front of me, sized me up, then majestically descended on my lap, made itself comfortable by curling itself up and took a nap. I sort of bloated up, looked around smugly for being the chosen one and gently stroked its fur and it purred contently. Since that day Marx and I are friends.

        There is also a dog of questionable breed in my campus. It resembles a Labrador a lot  but I am sure it’s not. It’s probably the progeny of some posh dog living in nearby bungalows gone astray. This one I call Mao. Mao is a sweetheart. It’s a very affable and playful little thing.

        Now I am thoroughly confused which pet I should get for myself. I went through a guinea pig phase, I had even gone to a pet shop and selected one for myself. A white one with a brown patch around its eye and some brown spots on his body. My mum said she will let me get it on the condition that I take full responsibility for it. I was more than willing but I read in an article on web that they poop a lot and I soon got dissuaded. Then I went through rabbit phase, but we don’t have a garden and a rabbit needs lots of space to move around. Then I went through a dog phase, but the trouble is I like pups, big dogs with large sharp pointy teeth and ferocious growl scare me. Now presently I am in the cat phase. I am planning for a fur-ball type of ginger cat.

       Oh did I mention the street which I take to go to college, I frequently encounter these two little girls in tattered frocks who grin when I come along and let me know that I am looking good that day by shouting out mischievously from across the road “Mast lag rahi ho!!” . I wave and say a big thank you and carry on smiling to myself and feeling immensely nice about myself.

       And did I mention I am becoming increasingly fond of Mumbai? So much to explore, in this gigantic city.   After staying in Mumbai for around six months it amuses me when I think of when I was growing up in Jamshedpur, if somebody invited us for a birthday party to their place which was around say 15-20 minutes away from our place, we would whine that it’s too far away we won’t be able to make it.  

        One of my favorite places in Mumbai is the Haji Ali Dargah. I have been there thrice till now and came back every time feeling at peace with myself. Today I read they have put a ridiculous ban not allowing women inside the sanctum sanctorum of the dargah. I might just as well go to Siddhivinayak this time and whisper into the mouse’s ear to knock some sense into these dargah’s trustees.

     I don’t really know how to end this post. And I realize my thoughts haven’t been very coherent. I have jumped from one incident to another. Ah well. 


  1. I can so imagine u narrating these incidents in your animated manner! :P

  2. Hehe I second Neha! :P
    And random is you :P
    Haji Ali :( Take me when i come to mumbai :-bd
    if ur getting any pet @ your JSR home, I am so not coming *wags finger at you*

  3. Don't hate me for doing this! *my blog
    I loved the post!!!! So random and so awesome! Made me smile all the way :D
    Come off to Mumbai soon! You stay only 40 minutes away from me ;)